Anatawa totemo sexy!

Just noticed this post over at the courtesan connection, and had to comment on it here.

From the MSN news site:

Masturbation bar lets ladies have swell talks about self-love

4 days ago

For ladies down with talking about how much they love lovin’ themselves, the Love Joule in Tokyo’s Shibuya district is the place to be. The “love and sex bar dedicated to women” is Japan’s (and, we assume, the world’s) first female masturbation bar, where customers “are able to experience a pleasant place in which they can openly discuss masturbation,” said owner Megumi Nakagawa. The women’s bar (men are barred unless accompanied by a woman) features sex toys lined up on the wall behind the bar. Love Joule has a clientele that includes commercial sex workers and porn actresses, a place “perfect for girls-only discussions or a date.” Hooray for women’s lib! [Source]




Hmmm…quite like the concept. Seems like whenever I go ‘out with my girlfriends, the topic of conversation inevitably turns to sex – and then masturbation. Would specifically themed bar spur discussion of self-lovin’? I wonder. Sure would be fun to see what the surroundings might inspire.

Perhaps there would be some product tie-in. Women are getting less and less bashful about purchasing pleasure-inducing personal massagers. Perhaps we are ready to do so on a night out with the girls? With cosmos as social “lubricant,” why not?



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